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Winter Beauty Contest

Looking for a way to engage your hairdressing team with some friendly competition? We’ve launched our special contest Winter Beauty just for hairdressers.

As a hairdresser, your challenge is to choose the most beautiful work of 2018, created with T-LAB Professional products, and upload photos to your Instagram or Facebook. Also describe which products you used, tag us (@tlabprof_official in Instagram or @tlabprof.official in Facebook) and add a hashtag #tlab_winter_beauty. Submit your style by January 10 for a chance to win luxury gifts.

Our experts will choose the most beautiful works created with T-LAB Professional products by the end of January. Only three winners to be announced and awarded with T-LAB Professional gift boxes.

Hurry up to let your hairdressers know about the contest and win the gifts!

Would you like to become a distributor of T-LAB Professional – True Meaning of Luxury Hair Care – in your country? Please contact us at tlab@vtholding.com.

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