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How to Restyle Your Hair in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re rushing in the morning or after the gym, and just don’t have time to jump in the shower a quick restyle can be a lifesaver. Yulia Kunitskaya, Art Director of T-LAB Professional, shares her restyling secrets to refresh and add volume to your hair so it gets back that healthy shimmer

    1. To give your hair that fresh look, shake a bottle of Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo and spray it along your roots. Spread the shampoo with your fingertips. Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo is a great alternative to a regular shampoo and doesn’t require water. It perfectly cleans the scalp and eliminates any feeling of grease or grittiness.
    2. To refresh your natural bounce, moisturize your hair and prevent staticity, spray Air Balance Hair Spray once over your entire hair. The Spray will restore flexibility, allowing you re-shape your hair. Air Balance Hair Spray gently strengthens and repairs hair structure, helps to retain moisture in the cortex of the hair and brings vitality to the hair.
    3. To nourish, shine and smooth the ends, apply Frizz Control Serum Deluxe to the ends and blow dry. Frizz Control Serum Deluxe covers your hair with a light glaze that protects it from environmental damage, deeply nourishes and repairs the hair’s structure without weighing it down, and protects against split ends.


So there you have it! Your hair is back to its natural, fresh state.

Tip! Look out for these trends coming to you in 2019: free hair styling, loose middle-parted hair, natural dry, and styling products.

More useful advice from Yuliya:
  • Use products only as needed and in the quantity that your hair requires (shorter hair calls for less product);
  • To coax the shiny and smooth back to your hair, when blow-drying, direct the air from top to bottom toward the ends in one slow, sweeping movement.

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