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Premier Noir Receipt for a Magnificent Hair Colour

When colouring their hair, a lot of people end up with damaged strands or uneven shades of colour. Any chemical treatment that alters your hair’s colour or structure is likely to some cause damage, but there are ways to nourish it and keep a healthy glow. Follow these Premier Noir colouring tips from Yulia Kunitskaya, Art Director of T-LAB Professional, to protect your colour from further damage and keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous.

      1. Before beginning the colouring process, you need to fortify your hair to reduce risk of damage. Spray PH Equalizer on the strands of your hair and brush it through. PH Equalizer not only protects the hair, but also provides proportional distribution of colour and reduces the amount of colourant needed.
      2. Mix Premier Noir Protect Bleaching Powder with Premier Noir Cream Developer (6%) (ratio 1:3) in order to moisturize the hair during the colouring process and provide excellent colour without damaging the structure of the hair. Apply to the hair and blend in with your hands.
      3. After the cream begins to work its magic and develops thoroughly (50-60 minutes), wash your hair with Blond Ambition Shampoo for magnificent hair revitalization and shine. Rinse thoroughly with the water.
      4. Next, to tone your hair, mix Premier Noir Colouring Cream (in the video, colours 10.21 and 9.1 are used) with Premier Blanc Cream Developer (3%) (ratio 1:1:2). Premier Noir Colouring Cream enriches the hair at three levels: skin, cortex and cuticle. It guarantees intensive long-lasting shades, glossy strands and perfect gray coverage. Premier Blanc Cream Developer is suitable for sensitive scalps and doesn’t cause irritation or itchiness.
      5. Once toning is complete, wash your hair with Colour Protect Shampoo. Colour Protect Shampoo restores the shine to your hair, providing long-lasting colour protection. Dry your hair briefly with a towel and apply Blond Ambition Conditioner to your still-damp strands. Be sure to distribute evenly over the entire length. After 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Blond Ambition Conditioner nourishes the hair without weighing it down.
      6. To finalize your colour transformation, spray Volume Booster Styling Spray onto your hair and blow dry. This final step thickens, volumizes and moisturizes the hair back to a healthy bounce.



So there you have it! Your hair colour is magnificent and long-lasting. With proper care, you can keep your colour-treated hair looking shiny and vibrant.

Tip! Look out for these colour trends coming to you in 2019: PPD-free colouring cream, living coral, golden blonde, copper highlights, chestnut brown, and inky black.

More useful tips from Yuliya:

  • Use products only as needed and in the quantity that your hair requires (shorter hair calls for less product);
  • To coax the shine and suppleness back into your hair, when blow-drying, direct the air from top to bottom toward the ends in one slow, sweeping movement;
  • To prevent shades from fading over time, use Colour Protect Collection, which protects your hair’s natural and radiant glow.

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