Recently T-LAB Professional brand has been featured on the global beauty portal Cosmetics Business.

On our profile, you’ll find the latest news and educational articles, which can help you to reach your business goals in the beauty industry. Look out for our upcoming guides on how to succeed in the salon business. Salon owners will soon know about how to effectively manage their business without stress: hire the right people, marketing, administration, leadership and teamwork. Hairstylists will learn how to increase the number of clients with the use of social media: promote their services, create compelling content and use social media as a research tool for more ideas. So stop by to find out what steps you can take starting today to grow your business.

Cosmetics Business is the platform delivering industry news and information through print, digital and live resources to business professionals responsible for making, distributing, buying and retailing cosmetics, personal care, fragrance and beauty products. With global coverage, Cosmetics Business is recognised as the leading resource for business leaders and industry experts in the Cosmetics and Personal care industries.  

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