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We’re thrilled to share our most recent partners, the Miami Beauty Academy, who have graciously signed on as 2019 T-LAB Professionals in Florida, headed by hairstylist Leyla Kapieva. Leyla visited our International Sales Office in Lithuania this February. After exclusive product seminars from T-LAB Professional Art Director Julija Kunitska, Leyla participated in a workshop and met with our top heads of business development, to rev the partnership up for action! We are so excited to see how teamwork develop for the years to come. You’ll see T-LAB Professional and Miami Beauty Academy in many educational seminars and tradeshow presentations in the USA as our partnership unfolds.

As a hairdresser and colorist herself, Leyla is always passionate to share with others her techniques and tricks. She even had a superb opportunity to learn all about T-LAB Professional colouring techniques in one of the salons in downtown Vilnius.

After the week came to a close, Leyla shared her impressions of T-LAB Professional hair products:

“I fell in love! T-LAB Professional Collections is the combination of natural origin ingredients, luxury design and scientific approach. The smell is fantastic. Hair care cosmetics, various colour shades – I’m taking all that to Miami to please my precious clients!”


Miami Beauty Academy, we wish you good luck and prosperous business together. Here’s to many more happy and beautiful clients.

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