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How to Get Chic, Wavy Hair

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The natural look of big, bouncing waves is gorgeous on any woman, and is suitable for any daily routine, romantic date or festive occasion. Wavy hair is easily styled at home by yourself, and, with practice, you can learn to achieve excellent results in no time at all.

It’s time to ride this star style wave. Yulia Kunitska, Art Director of T-LAB Professional, shares the secret to soft curls that stay loose and glossy.

  1. First, spray your hair with Frizz Control Serum Deluxe. The Serum covers your hair with a light glaze that protects it from heating damage, deeply nourishes and repairs the hair’s structure without weighing it down. It also protects against split ends.

  2. To nourish your hair, apply All Over Dream 15 Actions Cream and rub it in gently. The Cream’s Unique Natural Complex protects the hair further from chemical and heat damage.

  3. Next. comb your hair with a rat tail comb. Fasten the root of your hair with a hairpin, to keep it together. Divide the hair into thick strands, select one and gradually twist it onto your curling iron from the bottom up. Always start curling from the bottom of the hair and work your way up.

  4. After finishing one side of your head, fix your curls with the Grand Fix Hair Spray Strong. The Spray provides magnificent dry fixation and excellent volume without leaving hair sticky. Repeat curling and fixing with your remaining strands.

  5. Once you’ve finished, let your hair down, gently as to retain the curls. Fix with the spray.

  6. Comb your curls with a smoothing brush and divide them with your fingers.

  7. For natural gloss and volume, use Shine Veil Hair Spray along all the hair to finish. The Spray makes the hair more manageable, and prevents static electricity without weighing down your beautiful waves.

With these natural waves and brilliant shine, you’ll look like a celebrity before long!

Tip! Look out for these trends coming to you in 2019: glossy hair, “glass hair”, natural waves, and styling products.

More useful advice from Yuliya:

  • Use products only as needed and in the quantity that your hair requires (shorter hair calls for less product);

  • The procedure of curling is better to start from the bottom of the hair;

  • For a more natural look, curl your hair away from your face and divide hair into medium by volume hair strands; 

  • In order not to overheat your hair, keep the iron steady in the hair up to 5 seconds.

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