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Trendy Idea for Short Hair: Asymmetric Haircut

It’s a bit of an outdated myth that long hair is the most feminine or flattering look. Short cuts can be incredibly liberating, giving your face a youthful frame.

If you’re looking for a fresh look that’s both trendy and glamorous, why not go for a fashionable asymmetrical short cut?

This gorgeous asymmetrical haircut is not only in vogue, it’s also the perfect way to show off your beautiful facial features. Make sure you keep up your stunning silhouette by using the styling products below on a daily basis.

  1. Comb your wet hair. Shake a bottle of Velvet Flex Hair Mousse Medium, then squeeze it into your hair. The mousse gives elegant shape and allows you to play with airy styles, while retaining your hair’s natural softness and flexibility.

  2. Divide the hair into parts and one by one, cut each hair strand the desired length. While drying the hair, comb it with a paddle brush. Thin out the hair ends.

  3. Freshen up your natural bounce and prevent staticity by spraying Air Balance Hair Spray once over your entire head. The Spray will restore flexibility and vitality, allowing you reshape your hair. It also strengthens and repairs your hair structure, retains moisture in the cortex of your strands.

  4. Finish the haircut and fix the hair with Grand Fix Hair Spray Medium. This finishing touch repairs damaged hair, prevents breakage and helps to maintain the natural moisture balance inside the hair shaft; it seals the hair and gives it elasticity.

This dark, edgy short haircut with long bangs will give you a charming, sophisticated and stylish look! Moreover, one no longer have to spend more than 10 min styling the hair in the mornings.

Tip! Look out for these trends coming to you in 2019: short hair, asymmetrical haircuts and styling products.

Stylist’s advice:

  • Use products only as needed and in the quantity that your hair requires (shorter hair calls for less product);

  • To coax the shine and smoothness back to your hair, when blow-drying, direct the air from top to bottom toward the ends in one slow, sweeping movement.

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