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Ciao Italia!

T-LAB Professional participated in the leading trade show of the beauty industry – Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna exhibition. The event took place on March 15-18, 2019 in Italy. 

While celebrating VT HOLDING’s 25th anniversary, the visitors of T-LAB Professional booth were served with sparkling wine and snacks, captures moments near photo zone to win the main prize – magnificent set of AURA OIL hair collection in the authentic gift box. The lucky winner became Vagia Nakou from Greece, who heard a lot about the brand and is thrilled to try the products.

During the event the guests got acquainted with luxurious T-LAB Professional Collections:
– Premier Colour Collection – special creations for the hair colouring to become a pleasant and revitalizing event;
– Organic Care Collection – 8 deluxe collections for divine hair healing rituals;
– Innovative Styling Collection – reliable helpers for the stunning hair style.

Evelina Nedzveckytė, T-LAB Professional Head of Sales, noticed the growing interest from attendees during Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and shared the warm words about the hosting country: “Italy is a definite country for T-LAB Professional Brand to be presented. We are honored to work with the great partners in Italy, while constantly expanding to new regions there. Devotion and admiration of beauty and style is here. Every trip to Italy brings us a lot of pleasure”

Managing Director Lina Šimkienė admitted the valuable experience and new possibilities to expand the geography of T-LAB Professional brand presence:  “I would like to thank everybody who came to visit our booth – it’s been an amazing experience and we’re thrilled about what more 2019 will bring for us. Well done to all of T-LAB Professional team!”

Thank you and see you next year!

If you missed the opportunity to meet T-LAB Professional Team during Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, but you’re eager to know more about the brand and partnership options, please contact us at tlab@vtholding.com or fill the form here.

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